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Bisley approached us with the task of showcasing 1200 of their high quality products. With the client's website acting as their main route to market it was vital that the images provided online customers with the confidence to buy.


With such a large product range Bisley considered the use of traditional photography a lengthy and costly process. We provided the solution of photo realistic product visualisation through the use of CGI.


With no need to build, ship or photograph any of the 1200 products the use of CGI significantly reduced both the time and cost of this project for the client. Online users are now able to view the entire product range in exceptional detail and in a range of colours.


In addition to the online catalogue we also produced a 160 page print catalogue for Bisley. This provided the sales team with a portable inhand tool for customers unable to access the website.

wizio cgi

The use of CGI proved a highly cost effective and time efficient solution for Bisley. Creating various room settings with CGI meant there was no requirement to build display environments just to then tear them down again.

wizio 360

CGI created new possibilities for Bisley. Customers are now able to interact with the products using the 360° rotation and zoom tools provided on the website.

Client Testimonial

The quality of the images supplied by REDWHITE CA is incredible and we are extremely pleased with how our collaboration with them is progressing.

James Natoli
Sales & Marketing Manager
Platinum Group