• Product Design


Mosder Turkish Furniture Association, set the challenge of developing a unique and innovative piece of furniture for their product design competition.


Our concept was inspired by one of Istanbul’s most iconic symbols, the tulip. Reflecting the blooming of the flowers, the unique folding mechanism means the seating area can be easily stored when not in use.


The tulip design received an overwhelmingly positive reception and went on to claim first place in the competition.

Product Design

The tulip shaped sofa for Lalista was first designed to reconsider the sitting position of standard sofas. The motive of the designers was to ensure that the concept was formed into a position where people could face each other encouraging interaction in a cozy environment. The inspiration of the seating design was shaped by a tulip leaf, which is also the iconic symbol of Istanbul, this led to form the unique yet warm and compelling overall product design.

Tony Holt Design