• Product Design


For Peugeot’s biennial Product Design Contest applicants were set the challenge of designing the city car of the future.


Inspired by Peugeot’s iconic logo the vehicle’s structure reflects both the strength and stature of a lion. Powered by electricity, ‘Rugir’ consists of two front tyres and an independent rear spherical system to allow for sharp but controlled movement.


With over 2000 applicants the unique and striking design of Rugir claimed 5th place in the 3rd edition of the design contest.

Product Design

The purpose of the design was to draw the main body of the vehicle as a lion head in the exterior so that it reflected the Peugeot logo icon. During the process, the shape was altered to ensure that the head of the vehicle looked like a biting cylindrical object and the headlights used represented the eyes of the animal. The overall facial and front parts were placed to form the nose and the chin of a lion. Additionally, a lion roar sound was thought of when the engine started as it emphasised the overall product design.

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