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We were challenged to create a corporate identity for three companies, Platinum Recruitment, Platinum Component and Platinum Design. These are three different fields with fifty years of experience. The only thing they had in common, was their name, Platinum. Our client wanted us to create an umbrella design to place all three companies under one roof, but retain their individual identities.


We collaborated closely with our client to get the best result possible. We created an overarching concept, Platinum Group, as the thread to hold all three brands together. We then differentiated the fields, separating them by colours. Black would represent Platinum Design, purple for Platinum Recruitment and blue for Platinum Component.


Our client was highly satisfied with the result. We used the element Platinum to create a logo, fitting all three companies. We used different colours to distinguish the companies from each other. This job led to a follow up job to design the website for Platinum Recruitment.


The logo was based on the element platinum. We made it look softer and more modern than the chemistry symbol, with a simple but effective colour change to differentiate the companies.

Web Site

The previous website barely had traffic, simply because there were no jobs displayed on the page. Our brief was to create an outstanding and minimalistic website which will make Platinum stand out from their competitors. We used WordPress for the backend and merged with a customised plugin for Broadbean which is an automated job distribution tool that allows simultaneous job posting to multiple sites collecting CVs and data analytics. Potential job seekers are able to select a sector, location and position to specify their search for a job.

We also provided the UX design, programming and photography for the website. We aimed for a strong, minimalistic and modern design. The website was launched in September 2017 and had 5,000 visitors in the first month.

We love responsive


Part of the service was the photography, in order to make the website complete. We took photos of the entire team and the office to make it fit perfectly into the website. We made sure the photos suited the brand and the website perfectly as images are very important for the branding.

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