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Sobsan set us the challenge of refreshing their corporate identity to not only strengthen their position as one of the largest paint companies in Azerbaijan but also to expand into Asia. With the founder's sons taking over the management of the company the client was looking to move in a new direction and therefore desired a contemporary brand and website to reflect this change.


To ensure the delivery of a consistent marketing message we provided a complete package of our services, from vehicle skins to an animation for a TV commercial. We focused on designing a website which was in keeping with the new branding, creating a clear and vibrant interface. To raise public awareness we identified the best routes through which to promote the new brand and gain mass exposure.


Embraced by all corners of the organisation, Sobsan’s new brand has revitalized the image of the company. Analytics...


Seeking to create a fresh visual identity for the company we decided to change the style and design of their logo. As a symbol of the company's growth we increased the number of colours used from 3 to 7. The logo was then implemented into Sobsan’s promotional material to establish and reinforce the new image of the brand.

For the print material we tried something quite unique. Experimenting with various types of embossing and layers we produced business cards which truly set them apart from their competitors.

Web Site

In keeping with the rejuvenated image of Sobsan’s branding we created an interactive and responsive website available in several languages.

Sobsan Sobsan

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Client Testimonial

Coorperating with REDWHITE CA, now we have a very impressive and different logo design and corporate identity set. Our commercial video and new fully responsive web site are a great sample for contemporary branding. The UK and TR teams of REDWHITE had showed a great group work which had been very closely and with quick returns. Therefore we very thank you to all REDWHITE CA team.

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