Brand Identity
& Communication

REDWHITE CA knows that a brand is more than just a name. So by working closely with our clients and understanding their needs, we will help develop an overall personality to organisations of all sizes. We will build your brand so that it will earn more reputation and stand out from the crowd. With careful planning, we will position and support your brand with our premium creative solutions.


We will build your brand from scratch and develop it. Our techniques and expertise will lead your brand to become powerful and reputable.

Graphic Design

From concept to finish, we live to design and create smart ideas that captures attention. Our creative designers see every project as an opportunity to help your business succeed with rich and meaningful visuals and messages.

Brand Identity
and Guidelines

We will create your new brand or improve existing identity and finalise our work by providing a corporate guideline where your logo, font, colours, brand personality, photographs, style and overall appearance will be applied by your organisation and suppliers.


Brand Strategy

We will study and understand your organisation carefully so that we could offer the most effective solution to form a strategy to help your brand reach the right channels. We have lengthy experience in helping organisations in both B2C and B2B environments across a wide range of sectors. With careful analysis, we will form a clear strategy to help direct your business and create a high positioning impact.

Brand and Marketing Collateral

Once we have established your brand, we will support you throughout the process of designing all literature that will create a lasting impression on your customers.


We will design and print all your marketing literature whether it’s a brochure or business card, RedWhite CA will assist and recommend the best printing solution your organisation could use and benefit from.


Case Studies

Digital Design
Product Design