Photography and video creation is another area we are passionate and experienced in. We not only provide product photography and still life, but we are also fully equipped for indoor and outdoor location shoots. We can also provide models and a full production service, which enables us to tailor-make imagery to suit your needs and make your designs stand out. We offer photography and video creation as both an independent and integrated part of our service.

Product Photography

From creative product photography to lifestyle product photographs and videos, REDWHITE CA team is ready to bring out the very best of your product with excellent lighting, creative angles and background.

Food Photography

With our expert photographers, our team will produce mouth watering photographs and videos. We will bring your produce to life.


REDWHITE CA has worked with many businesses to expose commercial photographs and feature videos with excellent lighting and direction. REDWHITE CA has the experience and knowledge on how to present your business professionally.

Fashion Photography

We put a lot of passion in all our photographs. We will direct you through still fashion photos to model shoots. We have experience to portray your photographs in the highest standard to show the very best of your brand and products.

Interior and Exterior

We will use our expertise to ensure that your photographs will be aesthetically pleasing. We will use the best lighting, editing and direction to make your interior or exterior image/video look appealing.

Advertising Photography

We will plan and brief the concept to sell your product. We will design your photograph to tell a story and ensure it becomes a successful advertising campaign that will form a direct bridge between your product and the target consumer enhancing brand awareness.

TV Ad Production

We are fully equipped for indoor and outdoor location shoot. We will create engaging TV commercials that will. We are highly creative and we make content that is memorable and effective on the consumer mind.

Introduction Promo Videos

Our approach is to transform brands and video creation is one of the elements we are passionate about. We believe that rich video content represents your business and with original content we will deliver outstanding projects that suits your business. We will promote your business, product or service and we will produce high quality video content that will be engaging whether you want to use it as a promotional or introductory video.

Product Design