Product Design

Being a multi-disciplinary creative agency, our award-winning product designers will work with you to help bring your ideas to life both aesthetically and technically for a commercial success. If you are an entrepreneur, inventor or business looking for expert support with product design and development, we will not only work with you down to the final details, but even get your prototypes made. Our aim is to create designs that will stand out and create memorable products.

Concept Design

REDWHITE CA will start the process by researching your market to understand your customer base and the product so that the best ideas are aligned with the design . We have an exceptional track record of ideas that will visually inspire your target market. While focussing on creativity, we will work to achieve the overall result fit for manufacturing in reality. We enjoy designing and offering the best solutions which is why we are rich with accomplishable ideas.



We will pick the best colour, material and fabric which represents your organisation and your product. We will test it out and guide you through to the best version before manufacturing the product.

Case Studies

Photography and Video Production