WIZIO provides advanced marketing technologies to make your projects stand out. You can promote without the limitations of location, time or physical constraints and effectively pitch to a worldwide audience. Combining market leading interactive digital platforms with computer generated imagery, WIZIO allows users to accurately visualise future properties and products providing them with the confidence to buy. Working closely with product manufacturers, interior designers, architects and creative agencies we are able to create stunning visualisations of photorealistic quality fully compatible with smartphones, tablets, VR and touchscreens.


Providing a solution, which is both cost effective and time efficient, CGI allows your ideas to be rendered without creative limitations. Our team of professional artists have both proven practical experience with various products and developments, including retail, commercial and residential. No need to wait for the launch date before marketing begins, convert those concept sketches and design ideas into life-like 3D digital images.


WIZIO-360 provides an interactive marketing solution that eliminates the need for physical objects or environments. Your clients PC, tablet or smartphone becomes your 24/7 worldwide showroom. Unimpaired by field of view or frame size, no detail is missed when showcasing your properties or products with 360° visualisations. By ‘stitching’ several HD images together we form a virtual sphere, producing an endless, 360° view. WIZIO 360° provides a far superior representation in comparison to traditional, static 2D imagery.


Combining our interactive 360° platform and the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR headset, we create a unique experience, providing you with the perfect sales tool. Products, designs and architecture can be brought to life through the latest technology of immersive digital media. Providing a window into the future WIZIO-VR enables clients to experience upcoming projects while immersed within a virtual world.


WIZIO-TOUCH provides the perfect sales tool for both exhibitions and presentations allowing properties and products to be explored in a unique and informative experience for the user. Combining 3D digital visualisations with foam scaled models creates an interactive visual communication tool. Accessible on touch screens, setup and installation included.


Transform your printed marketing material into engaging 3D interactive campaigns with WIZIO-AR. The overlay of digital content in the real world adds a new dimension to the customer experience. WIZIO-AR is an intelligent solution that can recognise an ‘activation marker’, such as brochure or business card and blend reality with a digital model through the tablet or smartphone’s built-in camera. WIZIO-AR provides an exciting sales tool for use at exhibitions and presentations and can also be utilised throughout the entire design process enabling manufacturers and property developers to visualise their next step.


Working on all platforms WIZIO APP is a customised application that can be installed onto Apple and Android devices allowing a user-friendly interaction that compliments the theme of the project. So whether it’s showcasing a new product range to customers or selling new build property in high volume, our dedicated apps are customised to your requirements.

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